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YaKitten™ Fountain Stainless

YaKitten™ Fountain Stainless

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Our Best Fountain Yet with Many Enhancements Over Previous Models
  • The YaKitten™ Stainless encourages your cat to drink more water, which helps prevent potential health issues for years to come. 
  • A cat's natural instinct is to avoid standing water in the wild because it is more likely to be contaminated. 


  • Made from high-qualify, erosion and bacteria resistant stainless steel.
  • Dishwasher safe for easier and more thorough cleaning.
  • Completely noise free with no motor or splashing water noises at all.
  • High side ridge to insure water does not splash on the floor.
  • Dual filtration system:  An activated carbon filter cleans impurities as well as softening and improving water taste.  Plus, a pump pre-filter that prevents hair and dirt from entering the pump.  
  • Very easy to assemble and have up in running in minutes.
  • Large 3.2L water capacity.
  • Free shipping world-wide!
    • Also works great for other small pets such as birds and dogs!
    • 1 year warranty!
    • Free shipping world-wide!


    • YaKitten™ Fountain Stainless.
    • USB power cable.
    • 1 carbon filter and 1 pre-filter.
    • Spout cleaning brush.
    • Instruction manual. 
    • A free toy!


    • Fresh and clean drinking water is always available.
    • Keeps your cats entertained and also encourages them to drink more water.
    • You'll keep your cat hydrated without the constant meowing for you to turn the sink on.
    • You won’t need to refill and clean your cat’s water as often.  
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